Bentley Continental 24 Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Kraft, Eleganz, Exklusivität und stimmiges Gesamtbild - der Ben

Bentley Continental 24 Tuning by Wheelsandmore

With the Continental 24 Bentley has been celebrating its participation in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring since 2017 and produced strictly limited only 24 vehicles for Europe. What a nice coincidence that tuner and wheel manufacturer Wheelsandmore will also be present at the Nürburgring for the Grip Cars & Coffee Event on May 20, 2018 with their own exhibition box in the paddock …

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Bentley Continental XTRASPORTS GT SPEED by Wheelsandmore

While the Volkswagen Group is still waiting with information and images about the third edition of the Bentley Continental, Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler near Dusseldorf celebrates the 2nd generation with their presented ?Xtrasports? edition, based on the current GT Speed and delivers performance data that Bentley has only available for the Supersports model. 2011 the Tuner already presented a few modified Supersports variants with peak performances about 702hp and 880nm. With the current Bentley Continental Supersports the manufacturer has also passed the 700hp border but as those cars are quite rare yet the refiner took hands on the actual Bentley Continental GT Speed model.
With the current Bentley Continental GT Speed, which already delivers 642HP and 840Nm in series, the traditional brand provides an extra class 2 + 2 coupe with extensive customization options and almost 100 different lacquer options. If the performance doesn´t satisfy, the sound is still harmless, the chassis is still too high and the wheels are too boring, Tuner Wheelsandmore is a good choice. Continue reading “Bentley Continental XTRASPORTS GT SPEED by Wheelsandmore”