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Tesla Tuning

With Tesla, an American innovative company has been mixing up the market for alternative vehicle drives with electric drive since 2003. No other car manufacturer can approximate the current reach of the Tesla models. Nikola Tesla, the renowned physicist from Serbia, served as a patron of the company and the history of Tesla as a human being and Tesla as a company have parallels through various setbacks and continual innovations. With the Tesla Roadster, which is only powered by lithium-ion cells, a new era begins in 2008 in the advancement of mankind. Tesla uses the model to generate much-needed capital for the development and production of the upper class S model.

Two successful brands: Tesla & Wheelsandmore

With success, how impressively more than 100,000 copies of the more than 100,000 EURO expensive luxury limousines impressively prove. According to Forbes magazine, Tesla is the world’s most innovative company with more than 13,000 employees in 2015 and 2016. The capital created with the S model is only used to produce a semi-expensive sports car according to the master plan of Elon Musk. The resulting revenue will then result in an even more favorable family car. With the models Tesla Model X and the planned Model 3, which has already been pre-ordered hundreds of thousands, the shift to the world of renewable propulsion and the farewell of fossil fuels in the vehicle industry is more likely. As an autonomy and producer of high-quality and high-priced cars, Germany is already clearly lagging behind the global trend and is bound to fear the competition from Tesla.

Sport car enthusiasts

Wheelsandmore is equally enthusiastic about electric sports car number 1, the Tesla S, and designed for the flagship alike 3 different rims in sizes from 21 to 22 inches. At the front axle the Tesla tuner 9,0×21 or 9,0×22 large rims and on the rear axle forged rims in sizes 9,0×22 and 9,5×22 for sufficient rear space. The three-piece rims for the Tesla models are wheels from German production, completed by hand and finalized in color and surface according to customer requirements. All Wheelsandmore rims are made to order without exception.

Tuning for Tesla model S by Wheelsandmore

Wheels from Baesweiler from Wheelsandmore are therefore the perfect components for the tuning and the optical upgrading of the Tesla model S. The tuning program for Tesla is rounded off by a continuously adjustable helical gear, which ensures better handling with optimum comfort. As soon as the Tesla models Model X and Model S will be available on the German market, Wheelsandmore will also offer these rims and chassis for these innovative vehicles in order to be able to offer the ecologically intelligent owner of a Tesla even without sound and exhaust gases beautiful and sporty products. Made in Germany for worldwide innovation …