Mercedes E63 S AMG Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Mercedes E63AMG mit Leistungssteigerung auf 712PS


Mercedes E63 S AMG Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Tuner Wheelsandmore completes the Mercedes W213 tuning program with the estate variant of the E63 AMG  and presents with the introduction of the E63 S AMG some innovations in power upgrading due a plug-and-play tuning box and ultra concave forged wheels, providing an exclusive and innovative tuning program that is outstanding in Europe. The 4.0l bi-turbo engine has now proven successful in the AMG segment and is accepted as a powerful advancement even by the non-dying enthusiasts of the 6.3L AMG naturally aspirated engine. AMG proves that the engines consistently offer performance-enhancing potential with power outputs between 457 and 612hp. Continue reading “Mercedes E63 S AMG Tuning by Wheelsandmore”

Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tuning by Wheelsandmore


Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tuning by Wheelsandmore

As a leading tuner and manufacturer of rims and exhaust systems for British sports car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, it is easy for Wheelsandmore from Germany to develop perfectly fitting rims and high-performance, as well as performance-enhancing flap exhaust systems for the open, elegant Volante version of the Vanquish S. Continue reading “Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Tuning by Wheelsandmore”

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Ferrari GTC4Lusso mit direktionalen Schmiedefelgen FORK in 21 un


Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Tuning by Wheelsandmore

After Ferrari presented the forced-breathed V8 version of the sleek Gran Turismo Shooting Brake with the GTC4 Lusso T in addition to the well-known V12 engine of the GTC4 Lusso last year, german tuning company Wheelsandmore followed with its final tuning program for the family sportscar. The successor of the predecessor model FF in the 12-cylinder version continues to offer all-wheel drive and as rear wheel driven with the V8 Bi-Turbo. Continue reading “Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Tuning by Wheelsandmore”


Ford GT 2017 mit ultrakonkaven FORK Schmiedefelgen in 9,0 + 12,5

Ford GT wheels and Tuning by Wheelsandmore – from yesterday until nowadays

Unique vehicles such as the supercar Ford GT need unique rims. The Wheelsandmore factory has for decades been the epitome of making exclusive, multi-piece forged wheels in sizes of 20-22 inches. Already in 2007 Wheelsandmore was the only manufacturer of multi-part forged wheels for the Ford GT in Europe!
Continue reading “FORD-GT-TUNING”

Ferrari 812 Superforte Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Oops they did it again…as the first tuning company in the world!

The crew of Wheelsandmore did not hold back from the currently sharpest weapon born in Maranello, the strongest 12-cylinder engine with 800hp and presents fine upgrades that will be at least as unreasonable for the “average citizens” as the car itself.

800hp and 718nm are ready from stock to teach the customers fear by accelerating and heading the curves. The state-of-the-art assistance and control systems take the driver unnecessary excitement and tension and make the 812 Superfast amazingly tradable. Continue reading “Ferrari 812 Superforte Tuning by Wheelsandmore”