wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for R8 GT

High-End Wheels For Your Audi R8 GT
for Audi R8 GT
HANDMADE FORGED WHEELS 100% Made in Germany To the Gallery Audi R8 GT

wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Audi R8 GT

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Audi R8 GT Tuning – more power, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

Tuning picture gallery Audi R8 GT

After the successful sales of the first Audi R8 models, Audi followed suit with the R8 GT limited to a total of 666 units, placing Wheelsandmore on the scene as a first-rate tuner for the Audi R8 Type42, also for the Coupe and Spyder exclusive tuning components develop. Like no other forged wheel, Wheelsandmore’s 20 inch 6Sporz² wheel rims, which are still very successful today, symbolize the perfect tuning of an Audi R8. Among the other tuning products for the Audi R8 Wheelsandmore include the exhaust valves, suspension and of course performance increase up to 620hp.


Audi R8 GT rims

Special and exclusive 20 inch rims have always been the ultimate feature for the perfect tuning of an Audi R8 GT. Especially in the selection of rims, the customer should be able to rely on the expertise of a rim manufacturer and tuner like Wheelsandmore to get in the overall result of a truly exclusive and exceptional vehicle, which of course has an unrestricted TÜV approval or MFK certificate. The german tuning manufacturer knows exactly which offsetes needs to be made, no matter whether a steel or carbon ceramic brake system has been installed. Wheelsandmore also manufactures both forged rims with classic lowbed and modern concave rims in 20 “for the Audi R8 GT. Our Audi R8 GT rims are available on customer request in any conceivable color and surface, for example. also made in carbon look. As a result, all Wheelsandmore rims for your Audi R8 GT are always valuable and high-quality, unique pieces that make such a classic an unmistakable and exclusive eye-catcher. Three-piece wheels in 20 inches from Wheelsandmore with TUV approval for the best Audi luxury vehicles of all time!

Exhaust system for Audi R8 GT

Nothing decides on the subjective perception of a sports car as much as the sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore is the only manufacturer close to the dutch border who´s able to produce the perfect exhaust system for the Audi R8 GT . Especially the tuning through a flow-optimized exhaust system should not be done by learning by doing or in the worst case by reworking the original exhaust system. As in all areas, it requires appropriate experience to implement the perfect V10 sound, which should be switchable from dull, bubbly to discretely sporty. With the remote-controlled flap control, which also ensures optimal performance through dynamic pressure monitoring, we generate the irresistible Wheelsandmore exhaust sound for the Audi R8 GT . Our systems are not only loud at the touch of a button, but by appropriate TUV parts certificate and with catalysts in public traffic allowed. The handmade exhaust systems are made of the finest 1.4828 stainless steel exclusively to order and can be connected without any additional work such as welding or cutting to the original exhaust system of the Audi R8 GT. More information about our exhaust system can be found in the Exhaust systems for Audi R8 GT

Lowering with coilover suspension or special springs for Audi R8 GT

For the Audi R8 GT we offer the right suspension for every requirement. With our available coil springs you have the possibility to keep the original suspension as far as possible and to adapt only the vehicle height to the millimeter. With the Wheelsandmore coilover kit for the Audi R8 GT, the modified chassis offers separately adjustable compression and rebound damping and the ideal conditions to perfectly present a modified wheel / tire combination. With Wheelsandmore coilovers, you’re always in first place on race tracks around the world. In order not to jeopardize the everyday usability of the Audi R8 GT, we also offer a coilover suspension with hydraulic lift-up for both vehicle axles.

Performance increase for Audi R8 GT

Audi R8 GT tuning to 620 hp

At Wheelsandmore, we offer the owner of an Audi R8GT a total of 3 different ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. In stage 1, we optimize the maps by classic chip tuning and thereby achieve 595hp. Level 2 combines these measures with the R8 GT with a flap exhaust and generates final 611hp. If these two measures are combined with a carbon frame air filter kit, we even achieve 620hp in the performance upgrade of the Audi R8 GT.

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