wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for AUDI RS5 / S5

High-End Felgen for your Audi RS5
HANDMADE FORGED WHEELS 100% Made in Germany To the Gallery Audi Audi RS5

wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for AUDI RS5 / S5

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Audi RS5 Tuning

Audi RS5 Tuning – always in the fast lane
The Audi RS5 is the most powerful representative of the legendary A5 family and has been rolling on our roads in the second generation since 2017. We love to get the most out of this vehicle with the Audi RS5 Tuning. In addition to the Audi RS5, we also like to take care of the Audi S5, which has a slightly less powerful engine.
Software and chip tuning for Audi RS5
We at Wheelsandmore know exactly what we have to consider when tuning of the Audi RS5 in order to achieve an increased performance. With the right chip tuning we increase the power of your Audi RS5 to more than 500 HP and raise the possible top speed.
A Tec-Tronic Plug&Play additional control unit is used to increase the performance of your Audi RS5. This is professionally installed by us and it is so helpful because it can be easily removed without overwriting any existing software. By using simple plug connections, the control unit can also be installed by yourself without any problem.

Tuning picture gallery Audi RS5 / S5

Upgrades for the Audi RS5

With the Audi RS5 Tuning not only modifications can be made in the electronic area. How about, for example, an exhaust system with flap control for up to about 15 HP more power? By radio control you have the control over the event and can choose between different settings: Race, Cruise or Sport.
We are also happy to install a coilover suspension or coilover springs as part of the Audi RS5 tuning. The latter are particularly practical, as they allow many configuration options and do not require us to replace the entire chassis for you.
Our offer also includes handmade, forged rims consisting of three parts. This will take your Audi RS5 to a whole new level.
Increasing the driving pleasure and improving the appearance – this is the motivation of our customers when it comes to Audi RS5 tuning. We have the necessary experience to put these ideas into practice. With us, your Audi RS5 is in the best of hands!