wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for AUDI RS6 / RS7


The tuning program for Audi RS6

wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for AUDI RS6

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Audi RS6 rims

Audi RS6 rims – made by master craftsmen
At Wheelsandmore we are a certified manufacturer of high quality Audi RS6 rims. With new rims your Audi RS6 shines in an even more chic look. In addition, our tuning rims are not only for optical reasons a good choice.

Driving comfort can also be significantly improved with Audi RS6 rims. The sporty rims are weight optimized and are specially designed for tuned vehicles, so they are compatible with the improved performance of your car.
Do you already know which of our rims is right for you? Feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to be advised. Of course, we know best which of our Audi RS6 wheels might be right for you.

Tuning picture gallery Audi RS6

What distinguishes our Audi RS6 rims?

The following characteristics apply to all Audi RS6 rims offered by us:
• made of three parts
• manual production
• TÜV-tested quality and safety
• with weight-optimized forged stars
• Colors and combinations according to customer requirements
• Carbon look and high gloss compression are possible
• Titanium screw connection is offered as an option

The three-piece construction is so practical because the Audi RS6 rims can be customized exactly according to your ideas. You can become really creative and, for example, determine the colors of the respective parts individually.
Another highlight of the rims is the robust and at the same time visually appealing stainless steel outer bed. In addition, the hub cap can be personalized or decorated. This provides the final, very personal touch.

Which different models are available?

For the Audi RS6 we offer hybrid and forged rims, which are available under various brand names:
• FiveStar (hybrid wheel)
• F.I.W.E. (forged wheel)
• 6 Sporz² (forged wheel)

Wheelsandmore offers wheels of different sizes (20 to 22 inches) and compatibility (for Audi RS6 and Audi RS7) for you.
We can also offer you the matching tires in a package. We have top tires of the most well-known manufacturers (e.g. Continental, Pirelli etc.) in stock and would be happy to advise you on the advantages of the individual models. And always in the scope of supply: The suitable tire release also for 800 HP monsters like the RS6 R with a top speed of 340 km/h.

Tip: Take a look at our picture gallery and take a look at our Audi RS6 rims “live”. This will certainly give you some suggestions that you would like to have implemented in your car. Feel free to contact us – even if you are interested in other or additional tuning services.


Audi RS6 Tuning

Audi RS6 Tuning – experience maximum performance

In the popular Audi A6 family, the RS6 is the undisputed flagship when it comes to sportiness. The almost 5 meter long car is already driven across the road with more than 550 HP.
But that is by far not all that slumbers under the hood of this elitist car. We at Wheelsandmore have made it our business to fully exploit the potential of your Audi RS6. With the Audi RS6 Tuning we not only rely on modifications in the software area, but also install new parts that give your car even more power and / or enhance it optically.

Software and chip tuning on the Audi RS6

We offer the Audi RS6 Tuning in different levels – depending on how much you want to increase the performance of your car. A first good option is to increase the performance with an additional control unit. The advantage of the so-called TEC-Tronic Box is that it does not overwrite the standard software.
If this boost is not enough for you, we can also carry out a real chip tuning, which we offer in two variants – also in combination with mechanical modifications. These measures increase the horsepower and also the maximum speed of the Audi RS6 a lot more than the use of a TEC-Tronic Box.

Upgrades for the Audi RS6

The mechanical performance increase usually goes hand in hand with the electronic improvement measures. An exhaust with flap control promises a decent increase in performance. The models we offer are not only weight-optimized, but also allow you to switch between different modes:

• Race (flaps open)
• Cruise (flaps closed)
• Sport (depending on dynamic pressure)

Lowering is also an important discipline in the Audi RS6 Tuning, which not only gives your car a sportier appearance, but also increases driving pleasure. An exchange of the entire chassis is not necessary for it at all. The correct threaded springs can be adjusted flexibly and allow individual adjustments.
Of course, the wheel rims must not be forgotten with the Audi RS6 Tuning. We at Wheelsandmore are a certified manufacturer of high-quality rims and adapt these optically to your ideas. Let yourself be inspired by the high performance and the unique look.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and let us know how we can take your Audi RS6 to the next level. We will be happy to advise you on your options and put together an Audi RS6 tuning package that meets your requirements.