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295/35/23 Continental Reifen auf 10×23 Zoll Felge für Bentley B


Nobility, once known as a provider of slightly modified Rolls Royce models, the British manufacturer went through difficult phases in the 1930s and could be saved repeatedly by financial aid from the impending bankruptcy. The repression of the 1930s also caught Bentley and the sales of their road-tested racing cars went down dramatically. Several marketing strategies in the upper class with 8L engines as well as in the lower segment with 4L with the same chassis came too late for the rescue of the royal court supplier.

After the construction of 3051 chassis, the history of Bentley Motors Ltd. was finished in 1931. Rolls Royce Bentley bought a completely unknown trust in a bidding process, and named the company Bentley Motors 1931 Ltd. The Napier, known for British Racing Green, was subject to the Trial’s final bid.

Rolls Royce technology

From 1933 Bentley based on Rolls Royce technology and were equipped with a 3.5L engine. Initially, Cricklewood continued to be produced at the plant, and from 1933 Bentley’s production moved to Derby. In 1941 the civilian vehicle production rested due to the war. After warfare, their production moved to Crewe, where Bentley and Rolls Royce models were produced together until 2002. After the sale to the Volkswagen AG in the year 1998, the Bentley EXP Speed 8 was again a Bentley model in the Le Mans 24 Hours race. The technical knowledge for this came naturally from VW subsidiary Audi. In 2003 Volkswagen presented its first independent development with the Bentley Continental GT, replacing the previous Continental Coupe series and based on the platform of the VW Phaeton. As a result, the 5-door luxury limousine Flying Spur was also built on this chassis and got the identical W12 engines implemented.

Luxury Refinish made in Germany

Since that time also Luxustuner Wheelsandmore with the usual Bentley models Continental and Flying Spur is concerned and even offers for the very rare models in Germany Mulsanne and Brooklands power increases, exhaust systems as well as handmade rims in 20, 21 and 22 inches. For the Continental models of the 3W series, the tuner offers a more comprehensive program and, in addition to modules for electronic lowering of the airborne gear, also has flap-controlled exhaust systems with TÜV EG approval ready to enable the sporty owner of such a noble specimen even greater driving pleasure. Even the powerful Supersports models Wheelsandmore has already weltexled in 2009 and distributed the multi-part rims almost everywhere over the globe.

Premium Tuning for Bentley

With the first SUV model Bentayga in the Bentley history, the VW Group is further expanding the market position of the renowned label. Just like almost all premium manufacturers, Bentley now offers an off-road and family-friendly big boat with engine outputs of up to 608HP and 900Nm of torque, generated from the 6.0lW12 bi-turbo engine, which is already successful in Continental. The 435PS diesel version rounds off the range. For both engines, there is already Chiptuning by Wheelsandmore. In addition, the chassis can easily be lowered by easy-to-install Plug and Play Modular solution. The Bentayga also has well-designed sports exhaust systems with remote-controlled exhaust gas flaps. Huge 23 inch rims with the matching Continental tires are currently under development, as the Russian sales market is looking for larger rims and wheels.


Bentley Tuning – maximum performance for more driving pleasure

You drive a Bentley – e.g. a Bentayga or Continental? Then you can actually be congratulated, because these noble sports cars not only bring English elegance, but also real horsepower on the road. With a Bentley Tuning program from Wheelsandmore, you can even increase your driving pleasure.
Software and chip tuning at the Bentley
There’s still a lot of power hidden in the electronic controls of your Bentley, which we unleash with a clever adjustment of the software. Thanks to our many years of experience in Bentley tuning, we know exactly what’s important. Now unleash the maximum performance of your Bentley with Wheelsandmore chip tuning.
Upgrades for Bentley models
Chip tuning can already deliver impressive results. Then it really gets going. A new exhaust system provides rich sound and improved driving characteristics. In addition, we also like to optimize the chassis or replace the rims during Bentley tuning.
We know what we can do and have already convinced many riders with our Bentley Tuning. At Wheelsandmore, your Bentley is in the right hands.