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BMW Tuning

In addition to Audi, Porsche and Mercedes, BMW is one of the largest German commercial companies to accompany the market of so-called premium manufacturers in Germany. The history of BMW and the wealth that existed during the pre-war period was quite debatable, but it had finally become necessary under the Nazi dictatorship. During this period mainly aircraft engines and motorcycles were produced for use by the Wehrmacht.

After the war, BMW was unable to produce any vehicles, since all the tools were owned by the Eisenach Automobile Company, which was occupied by Soviet forces. In the course of a court order BMW prevented the production of vehicles with the brand name BMW. The VEB was founded in 1952 from the Eisenach factories. Since the plant in Munich still had significant war damage, no vehicles could be produced there until 1952. In 1954 BMW took over production of the BMW502, the so-called baroque gel, which proved to be a financial flop. In 1959, an imminent takeover under the direction of Deutsche Bank to Daimler-Benz AG was prevented by contesting the balance sheet presented. Until then, BMW remained independent, but with considerable financing requirements. According to Kapitalschnitt, the industrialist Herbert Quandt agreed in 1960 to make a capital increase and to take over the securities not sold by the AG itself.

As a result, the influence of the banks and an additional loan of ? 20 million from MAN was paved the way for the development and production of a mid-class vehicle with high engine power, the BMW 1500. Classics such as the Isetta, the Goggomobil and the BMW 1600, 1800 and 2000, which were later replaced by the legendary Zero Two types 1602, 1802, 2002 and 200ti / tii, followed. This was the beginning of BMW’s rise in the 1966s. 1968 followed by the 2500 the first Oberklassenwagen, which afterwards with the names 2800 and 3.0SI were enthusiastic.

Premium Quality

From 1970-1993 the chairman of the board Eberhard von Kuenheim provided for an orbitant increase in turnover and founded several production sites. Plans to set the company even wider and BMW to integrate into the aviation failed however regularly. With the takeover of the Rover Group in 1994, BMW lost nearly DM 10 billion and consequently pulled the zip line in 2000 and sold the MG-Rover to Ford. Only the Mini brand remained under the BMW team. The main shareholders, Quandt and Klatten, are now among the richest Germans and the sales and profit figures of BMW have reached new record heights every year since the separation from the Rover Group. Wheelsandmore is much more modest, has no lobbyists to deal with and no affairs to deal with and so can concentrate on the essentials in the refinement, especially the vehicles of the M GmbH.

Performance upgrades & Design for BMW

Since the founding of the W-Technology performance branch, the tuner from the West of the Republic has been offering special tuning programs for the M3, M4, M5, M6, X5M and X6M vehicles. For all models of these series, the refiner keeps specially handmade rims of 20 – 22 inches, as well as power increases, chassis and flap-controlled exhaust systems. The top model, the X6M at Tuner Wheelsandmore in stage 2, a performance increase to 720p and 980 Nm, with chiptuning, downpipes, exhaust system and special air filters. Also the models of the demanded M5 model range of the Profi tunes in like manner up to 645PS and 805 Nm of torque. With the entry-level model M3 / M4, the company from Baesweiler near Aachen alone achieves by optimization of the software, thus by chip tuning, 535hp and 685 Nm. For the SUV models X5 and X6, the tuner also provides beautiful 22 and 23 inch rims.