wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Ferrari 812 Superfast


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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Ferrari 812 Superfast

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Ferrari 812 Superfast Tuning – more power, unbelievable exhaust sound and perfect fitting customized 21 and 22 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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The Ferrari 812 Superfast is certainly the most powerful Gran Tourer of our time and dominates with 800 hp gained from 12 cylinders its competitors. From the factory, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is not stingy with the latest technology and sophisticated aerodynamics. That’s why Ferrari Tuner Wheelsandmore focuses exclusively on the production of multi-part performance rims in 21 and 22 inches and performance-enhancing exhaust systems, optionally made of the finest 1.4828 stainless steel or ultralight Inconel 625.

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Ferrari 812 Superfast rims

Exclusive 21 and 22 inch wheels are the most important feature by tuning a Ferrari 812 Superfast. Even with a car like a Ferrari 812 Superfast Wheelsandmore from Germany is one of the few tuning companys and suppliers in the world being able to craft the perfect fitting wheels and produces several rim designs, either with classic deep lip rims and also modern concave rims in 21 inches and 22 inches. World-exclusive the new state of the art wheel model FORK from Wheelsandmore was presented with the 812 Superforte from Wheelsandmore. The directional forged wheel is the perfect wheel for the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Lightweight and even more exclusive are the carbon rims for the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which are manufactured by Wheelsandmore exclusively by hand. The carbon rims for the 812 Superfast can be found >> HERE <<
On request the hub caps of the new Ferrari rims will be crafted also accomodating the original hub caps. Wheels for your Ferrari 812 Superfast even more individual and exclusive due customizing to customer requirements.

Exhaust system for Ferrari 812 Superfast

Nothing is so crucial to the subconscious perception of a super sports car as the sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore manufactures the absolutely perfect Exhaust System for the Ferrari 812 Superfast . Especially the development of a flow-optimized exhaust system for a high-end 12-cylinder engine must be done by a tuner with many years of experience to generate the really perfect Ferrari V12 sound. By means of remote-controlled, manual flap control, we achieve the inimitable Wheelsandmore exhaust sound for the Ferrari 812 Superfast at the touch of a button. We produce the remote-controlled valve systems either from finest 1.4828 stainless steel or from ultralight Inconel 625, in order to allow even more performance with the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The handmade exhaust systems are produced exclusively to order and can be connected without any additional work, such as welding or cutting, to the original exhaust system of the Ferrari 812. If the stainless steel silencer does not fully satisfy the customer’s wishes yet, Ferrari Tuner Wheelsandmore also offers power and sound-enhancing 200 cell sport catalytic converters for the Ferrari 812 Superfast as a complete exhaust system with oversize diameter. For more information on our exhaust systems and a Ferrari V12 exhaust soundfile, please visit the Exhaust systems for Ferrari 812 Superfast

Lowering with springs and adjustable springs with Lift-Up for Ferrari 812 Superfast

For the Ferrari 812 Superfast , we are one of the few suppliers to offer the perfect suspension for every purpose. With the lowering springs available from Wheelsandmore you have the option of maintaining the standard shock absorbers and only reducing the height of the Ferrari 812 Superfast by about 30mm. With the even more individualized coil springs incl. Lift-up for the front axle of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the modified chassis offers the ideal conditions to perfectly showcase a modified wheel / tire combination such as the 21/22 inch wheels by Wheelsandmore and at the same time by the lift-up function to get the maximum practicality.

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Pricelist Ferrari 812 Superfast Tuning Download