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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Ferrari California

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Ferrari California Tuning – more power, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting 21 and 22 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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In addition to the Ferrari 488 the California model, which was built until 2017, was another Ferrari model with turbocharged V8 engine, which has been replaced by the new Ferrari Portofino. As a renowned expert in Ferrari tuning, Wheelsandmore has designed a suitable tuning program for both the California and the California T. In addition to the matching exhaust system with flap control and sports catalysts for the V8 engine, the tuning company produces its own perfectly fitting 21 and 22 inch rims with forged wheel stars and stainless steel outer rims. The performance portfolio for Ferrari California is rounded off by chassis and performance enhancements, which provides the Ferrari turbo engine an additional power of 120 hp.

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Ferrari California Rims

Exclusive 21 and 22 inch rims like the models 6Sporz², F.I.W.E. and FORK are crucial in optimizing a Ferrari California. Especially the choice of suitable rims, the customer should entrust himself exclusively from a renowned manufacturer and tuner for Ferrari as Wheelsandmore from Germany, in order to obtain the result of a truly exclusive and exceptional, as well as perfectly controlled vehicle. The wheel rim manufacturer knows exactly which wheel sizes and offset heights are to be set in order to be able to realize the maximum dimensions. Wheelsandmore also manufactures three-piece forged wheels with a classic drop-down bed for the California, as well as 21-inch and 22-inch modern concave rims. Particularly light and even more exclusive are the carbon rims for the Ferrari California, which are made by Wheelsandmore as a worldwide exclusive manufacturer by hand. You can find the carbon rims for the Ferrari California >> HERE <<
On request, the tuner also makes the hub caps of your new Ferrari California rims fit for the original hub cap. This will make all the rims for your Ferrari California even more individual and exclusive.

Exhaust system for Ferrari California

Nothing is so crucial to the subjective perception of a sports car as the sound of the installed exhaust system. Wheelsandmore builds the perfect exhaust system for the Ferrari California and California T . Especially the production of an optimized exhaust system for a high-end 8-cylinder Ferrari engine should be done by an experienced tuner to generate the perfect Ferrari V8 sound. With the V8 turbo engine, the silencers must be replaced by a flap-controlled pipe system, as otherwise the sound of the California T is far too unsportsmanlike. With both models and the California 30 we can achieve the incredible Wheelsandmore exhaust sound for the Ferrari California at the push of a button with the help of manual flap control. Our hand-made exhaust systems are produced exclusively to order and can be adapted to the original exhaust system of the Ferrari California without any additional work, such as welding or cutting. If the stainless steel silencer does not fully satisfy the customer’s wishes yet, Ferrari Tuner Wheelsandmore also offers power and sound-enhancing sport catalytic converters for the Ferrari California as a complete exhaust system with sport catalytic converters. More information about our exhaust systems can be found in the Exhaust systems for Ferrari California

Lowering with springs and adjustable springs with Lift-Up for Ferrari California

For the Ferrari California we are one of the very few worldwide tuners to offer the perfect suspension for every purpose. With the lowering springs available from Wheelsandmore you have the possibility to keep the standard shock absorbers and only to reduce the height of the Ferrari California by about 30mm. With our coil springs incl. Lift-up for the front axle, the modified sports suspension provides the ideal conditions to put another complete wheel set like the 21/22 inch wheels by Wheelsandmore in the limelight and at the same time the Lift-Up function, the maximum practicality of the sports car to obtain.

Performance upgrade for Ferrari California

Ferrari California tuning up to 680 hp

We’ll give you the choice for the best option for you to increase your Ferrari California’s performance . Our experience helps us to define the exact parameters and thus to offer them maximum driving pleasure. Wheelsandmore has two different ways to enhance the performance of the California, either by chip tuning in the form of optimized maps on the control unit or per easy to install Tuning Box Tec-Tronic ready. We achieve performance increases by about 120hp at the Ferrari California T.

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