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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Ferrari F12

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Ferrari F12 Tuning power upgrade, tremendous exhaust sound and perfect fitting 21 and 22 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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For 5 years, the Ferrari F12 dominated the super sports car scene like no other car and, as successor to the Ferrari 599, caused enthusiasm among the Ferrari fans, who celebrate and support every 12 cylinder model of the long-established manufacturer. As one of the few tuners Wheelsandmore also ventured on the 740hp super sports car and refined even a model of the Apple founder Steve Jobs. The high quality and the perfection in the production of products made Wheelsandmore from Germany a worldwide sought after tuner for Ferrari. For the Ferrari F12 and the F12tdf, the refiner offers not only forged, multi-part rims in 21 and 22 inches, but also handmade flap exhaust systems.

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Ferrari F12 rims

Perfectly assembled 21 inch and 22 inch wheels are the most obvious feature par excellence for custom tuning on a Ferrari F12. Especially the rim design of a renowned manufacturer and tuner for Ferrari like Wheelsandmore from Germany ensures that in the overall result of an exclusive and exceptional, as well as perfect to trade vehicle. At the same time, the manufacturer of three-piece rims knows exactly which wheel sizes and offset heights to choose in order to implement the maximum possible dimensions on the F12. Wheelsandmore also manufactures for the Ferrari F12 both forged wheels classic with low bed, as well as modern concave designed rims in 21 inches and 22 inches. Particularly light and even more exclusive are the carbon rims for the Ferrari F12 and especially the Ferrari F12tdf, which are made by Wheelsandmore as a worldwide exclusive manufacturer by hand. The carbon rims for the Ferrari F12 can be found >> HERE <<
On request, the tuner also makes the hub caps of the new Ferrari rims fit for the original hub cap. This will make all Wheelsandmore rims even more individual and exclusive for your Ferrari F12 final.

Exhaust system for Ferrari F12

Nothing is so crucial to the perception of a super sports car as the sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore produces the perfect exhaust system for the Ferrari F12 . Especially the development of an optimized exhaust system should be done by a producer with the appropriate experience to ultimately generate the perfect Ferrari V12 sound. By means of remote-controlled, manual flap control, we achieve the incomparable Wheelsandmore exhaust sound for the Ferrari F12 . We produce all remote-controlled valve systems either from high-quality 1.4828 stainless steel or from ultralight Inconel 625, in order to allow even more performance with the Ferrari F12 and the F12tdf. The handmade exhaust systems are only produced to order within 1-5 weeks and are adaptable without any changes to the original exhaust system of the Ferrari F12. If the stainless steel rear mufflers still do not fully satisfy the customer’s wishes, then Ferrari Tuner Wheelsandmore also offers power and sound-enhancing sports catalytic converters for the Ferrari F12 and F12tdf as a complete exhaust system with oversize diameter. You can find more information about our exhaust systems as well as a Ferrari F12 Exhaust Soundfile in the section Exhaust systems for Ferrari F12

Suspension lowering with springs and adjustable sprigns with Lift-Up for Ferrari F12

For the Ferrari F12 we offer as one of the few tuners worldwide for Ferrari for every purpose the right suspension. With the lowering springs available from us, you have the opportunity to completely take over the standard shock absorbers and only reduce the height of the Ferrari F12 by about 30mm. With the threaded springs incl. Lift-up for the front axle of the Ferrari F12, the modified chassis offers the ideal opportunity to put a modified wheel / tire combination perfectly in scene and at the same time to maintain the maximum practicality through the lift-up function.

Performance increase for Ferrari F12

Ferrari 812 Superfast tuning up to 820 hp

The increase in performance of your Ferrari F12 is, according to our findings, only by improving the exhaust system thematic. Although the latest measurements and software optimizations on our test bench also showed about 22-25 HP engine performance improved by chip tuning, but we advise Ferrari from warranty reasons from an interference in the engine electronics and thus a threat to the warranty and recommend instead only the appropriate exhaust system. On request, both measures can of course be combined and provide final for about 785hp power and 730nm.

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Pricelist Ferrari F12 Tuning Download