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Maserati combines Elegance and athleteticism

A synonym for Italian elegance and sportiness, has always been the epitome of noble restraint with racing bonds for the man and the woman of the world. Everything began, as with many other sports car builders in Italy, traditionally in the years around the first world war. In 1914, Alfieri Maserati founded his own company in Bologna, which was initially to look after Isotta Fraschini’s racing cars. After the war, the brothers Maserati worked for Diatto and built his racing car. After Diatto finished his engagement, Maserati took over the projects in self-government. In 1932 founder Alfieri unfortunately suffered the consequences of a racing accident and the brand never developed the spirit of the Maserati father ever since. Therefore, in 1937, the company entered the ownership of Adolfo Orsi, who came from Modena, who wanted to use the racing successor as an advertising medium for his other companies.

In the beginnings of Maserati’s history

Maserati went through turbulent times after the end of the Second World War and, as a pure racing manufacturer, founded Ferrari street cars to survive economically. Already with the second model 3500GT Maserati advanced to a serious competition for Ferrari and later also Lamborghini. With the Maserati 5000GT, excess racing parts could be put to good use and the company became healthy from now on. At the end of the 60s, despite the introduction of the Quattroporte, Mistral, Mexico and Ghibli models, the Orsi brand was no longer viable and 60% of the shares in Citroen were sold. This liaison, however, only lasted until the faded 7th year and the brand Maserati changed again with De Tomaso the owner. Under its leadership the Bi-Turbo models in their numerous variants ensured the survival of Maserati and De Tomaso.

The lack of product quality, however, led to declining sales and increased warranty expenses. Maserati was once again in the late 80s and was sold to the FIAT Group in 49% in the autumn of 1989. In 1993, all shares were transferred to Fiat, which were transferred to Ferrari in 1997. In the meantime the 3200GT emerged, which however in the USA could not be homologated. Therefore, the Maserati 4200 was developed under pressure from Ferrari, also known as GranSport and Coupe in Europe. After almost four decades, Maserati returned to its origins in racing with the Ferrari Enzo-based special model MC12 for the first time. This flounder, which is limited to 50 pieces, is not traded under 2 million, but still finds the way to the tuner. Only with the Gran Turismo and the Quattroporte V, Maserati vehicles became more interesting for tuning companies like Wheelsandmore from Germany due to the improved processing. Customers again gave Maserati more confidence and began deficit in certain areas. By chassis from the Fachtun like Wheelsandmore.

Maserati Tuning by Wheelsandmore

The manufactory offers a comfortable helical suspension for the quattroporte, whether with or without Skyhook Suspension, which is more sporty and more comfortable than the standard running gear. The same applies to the exhaust systems where Maserati, except for the S-models, gives the V8 ex factory acoustically too much restraint. Here, Wheelsandmore holds flap-controlled systems, which at the touch of a button and customer’s request create a delightfully appealing V8 Sounderlebnis. With the individualization possibilities of the rims, Maserati now has a whole range of 20 inch alloy wheels ready, but if that is not enough, Wheelsandmore is in the best position, because in sizes from 20 to 22 inches now 4 different rim models are in color And surface can be freely assembled on customer request. Maserati has also recognized that engines and chassis for the construction of different models can be combined among each other and settled with the new Ghibli a sports limousine below the quattroporte with peak powers of 410 hp.

Research & Development for Maserati Tuning

Wheelsandmore, of course, responded to this as well, and developed tailpipes, exhaust systems and rims for the first time even for the Maserati diesel engines. As a highlight of the Maserati program, Wheelsandmore is particularly proud of the 2013 version of the Maserati MC Stradale, which generated a top performance of 666 hp with a compressor kit, flap system and software. This conversion is called the Tuner from Baesweiler near Dusseldorf forsch Demonoxious. On the basis of the Quattroporte, the first SUV from Maserati was also built with the Levante. For this purpose, tuning company Wheelsandmore offers the power increases known from the Ghibli as well as an electronic module for the lowering of the chassis. The in-house 6Sporz² wheel model is offered by the manufacturer in a handsome 22 inch. At Wheelsandmore, the owner is a top-selling Maserati model when it comes to performance, chassis, exhaust system and rims from 20 to 22 inches.


Maserati Tuning – even more sportiness for your Italian

Gran Turismo, Levante or Quattroporte or Ghibli – the Maserati family includes many powerful sports cars. With targeted Maserati tuning, we get even more power out of your car and increase your driving pleasure.
Software and chip tuning with the Maserati
Maserati’s sophisticated electronic controls still offer a few adjustments to boost your performance. We know which chip tuning methods will make your Maserati even more powerful and fuel-efficient; depending on what kind of Maserati tuning you want.
Upgrades for Maserati models
Where chip tuning reaches its limits, we simply continue. With an optimized exhaust system or a lowered chassis, you are not only a real eye-catcher on the road, but also increase your fun while driving. Also new rims belong to the standard program with our Maserati Tuning. The high-quality rims are manufactured by us and can be individualized according to your ideas. Practically all color combinations are possible. Your car is in good hands with us for Maserati tuning. Look forward to more performance, an improved driving pleasure and an appealing look.