wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Maserati Levante

Tuning by Wheelsandmore
for Maserati Levante
High-End Tuning Components for Maserati Levante

wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Maserati Levante

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Maserati Levante Tuning – more power and perfect fitting 22 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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Maserati follows with the Levante the trend of vehicle manufacturers to offer their customers a luxury and sporty Urban SUV in the premium segment as well. Luxury finisher Wheelsandmore has been working with the traditional manufactory for almost 12 years and therefore also offers for the Maserati Levante custom-made forged wheels in 22 inch and performance upgrades up to 475 hp.

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Maserati Levante rims

Optically, wheels are and were always the key feature in tuning. Wheelsandmore also produces timelessly beautiful and perfectly fitting, handcrafted 22-inch alloy wheels for the Maserati Levante . Since 2019, Wheelsandmore has also been offering 23-inch rims for the Maserati Levante and, with these wheel sizes, is finally filling up the wheel arches of the Levante. The Wheelsandmore Maserati Levante Wheels are invariably finalized in Germany and strictly according to the customer’s individual color and finish (e.g. hus, the three-piece rims and the one-piece rims in 23 inches for your Levante are always valuable and high-quality individual pieces that make an exceptional SUV car like the Maserati Levante an unmistakable eye-catcher. The best wheels with TUV approval for the best Italian SUVs on earth!

Software and Chip Tuning for Maserati Levante

By adapting the electronic maps, Wheelsandmore achieves significant performance increases in both the V6 diesel and V6S engines. For example, Wheelsandmore’s performance on the Maserati Levante V6S ranges from 430HP to 475HP and the Maserati Levante V6 from a standard 350HP to a powerful 423HP. On the one hand, the increase in performance can be achieved directly by programming the control unit through software optimization or by using an additional Tec-Tronic Plug-and-Play Power Tuning Box.

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