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Felgen, Auspuffanlage, Leistungssteigerung für McLaren 720S
Felgen, Auspuffanlage, Leistungssteigerung für Mercedes SLR
Auspuffanlage, Leistungssteigerung für McLaren MP4-12C / 650S
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Auspuffanlage, Leistungssteigerung für McLaren 675 LT
McLaren 570 GT Hornesse by Wheelsandmore
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McLaren Tuning

Unlike other manufacturers of sports and super sports cars, McLaren looks back on the shortest tradition. However, the origin is the same, the McLaren Cars emerged from McLaren Racing in 1989. With the first project in 1993, McLaren already made a big impression with the F1, as the body was manufactured entirely from CFK carbon fiber and as a monocoque, known from Formula 1, for the first time in the history of serial production. Even the suspensions were weight-saving made of magnesium and aluminum, which resulted in enormous production costs at McLaren. Another special feature is the centrally placed driver’s seat of the two passenger seats behind it mutated into a striking three-seater, which is unique to the Matra Bagheera and Murena. In addition, aerodynamic values, which have not yet been taken into account, have been included in the design and construction. Thus, the F1 was the first production vehicle to produce vacuum with underfloor fans to improve the contact pressure. The Mc Laren F1 was the most expensive and exclusive vehicle in the world, with a total of 72 road-registered units and a selling price of 1.5 million DM.

Top speed for McLaren F1

To date, the McLaren F1 is the fastest engine in the world powered by a naturally aspirated engine with a top speed of 370 km / h. All F1s are in collector’s hands and are partly traded in the double-digit million range. The Mercedes McLaren SLR began a six-year cooperation with Mercedes Benz for McLaren. This supersporter, which was built only 3500 times, united quality awareness on the part of Mercedes Benz with the McLaren racing experience. Except for the engine support, the entire body is made of carbon fiber carbon. In the case of an accident, the vehicle must be returned to the production plant in Woking for the purposes of surveying. The drive unit, a 5.5 liter V8 supercharger, was handmade by AMG and delivered 626 hp and 650 hp respectively in the special model SLR722, which was built only 300x in total and thus is one of the coveted SLR specimens in collector circles. Wheelsandmore from Germany is one of the few exclusive addresses in Europe in Puncto production and individual production of rims and exhaust systems for the Mercedes McLaren SLR. So just from the rare SLR722 models already 2 copies could find the way to the tuner and on the customer’s request customized 20 inch rims made of forging material, a Rennsport coaster which provides for a more stable road position and by individual tuning the vehicle handling merrily improves as well as a performance increase by software adjustment And replacement of the compressor drive wheel. Wheelsandmore’s SLR and SLR722 performance enhances the overall performance of 700HP and 910Nm of torque. By means of a special exhaust system, the luxury refiner transforms every Mc Laren Mercedes SLR into a powerful supersport car.

Complete interior finish for McLaren

At the customer’s request, Wheelsandmore also finishes the interior completely according to the customer’s idea of leather, Alcantara and Carbon. Even with individualization requirements for the Stirling Moss limited to just 75 pieces, you can request a quotation from Wheelsandmore. The successor to the McLaren Mercedes SLR is a self-produced McLaren and listens to the slightly complicated name MP4-12C and has been available since 2011. The McLaren, which is later also referred to as the 12C, is available both as a coupe and as a convertible version and delivers 608 and 625 hp respectively. Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler near Aachen has not only offered handmade forged rifles in 20 inch for the front and 21 inch for the rear axle since the start of the production of the MP4-12C, but also offers a comprehensive tuning program with sport catalytic converters, flap exhaust systems as well as catalyst replacement tubes Chiptuning is ideally suited. In the final tuning stage, the 3.8l V8 bi-turbo mid-engine, after the optimization by Wheelsandmore, achieves breathtaking 700HP and 775Nm of torque. For the successor model 650S, the tuning manufacturer even provides power increases of up to 735HP and refines the tuning of the chassis with corresponding lowering springs.

Leading tuner for McLaren vehicles

On the basis of the 650S, the special model 675LT limited to 1000 pieces was introduced in 2015. As the leading tuner of McLaren vehicles, Wheelsandmore also offers rims, power upgrades, chassis optimizations and exhaust systems in the portfolio for this rare series for the affine customers. With the change to the series 720S ends the short but exciting time of the McLaren 650S. Since 2015, McLaren has been closing the gap from the beginner to the beginner with the introduction of the 540C, 570S and 570GT models. For all 3 models, the finisher from Germany offers hand-made rims in 20 and 21 inches, exhaust system with damper control, sports catalytic converters, adjustable thread springs and test rig optimized performance increases. With the McLaren 570GT Hornesse, the tuner again impressively presented the technically feasible for the MA3 at the highest quality level in April 2017. The absolute highlight in the tuning repertoire of Wheelsandmore is a rebuilding project of the sinfully expensive and hellish fast McLaren P1 presented in 2015. For a prominent customer from the film business, Wheelsandmore built a set of megaleichter carbon rims for the McLaren P1 on order Maximum in the area of the architecture light wheels present. Made in Germany and only available on request, individually manufactured carbon wheels from Wheelsandmore are unique worldwide!