wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for McLaren Mercedes SLR


wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for McLaren Mercedes SLR

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Mercedes McLaren SLR Tuning – additional power, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting custom 20 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

Tuning picture gallery McLaren Mercedes SLR

For about six years one of the most beautiful sports cars of our time was built in cooperation of Mercedes and McLaren with the SLR and the SLR722 as roadster and coupe. The strictly limited McLaren Mercedes SLR still enjoys great collector´s popularity with stable prices beyond 200,000 euros. No wonder that there is also a need for the tuning of a SLR, especially for larger and wider 20 inch wheels, optimized exhaust system, a modern chassis and gladly also more power. Wheelsandmore is one of the few specialized tuning companies for the Mercedes McLaren SLR and McLaren anyway and also offers for the type 199 tuning components to increase performance.

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McLaren Mercedes SLR rims

Perfectly configured 20 inch rims are a key feature for the exclusive tuning of a McLaren Mercedes SLR. Especially when choosing the perfect rims for a McLaren Mercedes SLR, exclusive rims are required, forged and refined in color and finish according to the customer’s exact ideas. Tuner and wheels manufacturer Wheelsandmore also produces various rims from timelessly beautiful rims over modern concave wheels to rims with classic deep outside lips, but always perfectly fitting in 9.5×20 and 11.5×20 inch for the SLR and SLR722 for the SLR McLaren Mercedes. Thus, all three-piece rims for your Mercedes McLaren SLR are always valuable and high-quality unique items that make such a wonderful vehicle to a unique piece. Stylish rims from Wheelsandmore with TUV approval for the best super sports cars of all time!

Exhaust system for McLaren Mercedes SLR

Nothing characterizes the character of a powerful roadster as decisively as the sound of the exhaust system. The V8 supercharged McLaren Mercedes SLR sounds not bad, but for true motorsport enthusiasts it may also be synonymous with the SLR more sound. Therefore, Wheelsandmore has produced a correspondingly optimized exhaust system for the built-in front fenders mufflers of the sidepipe exhaust system on the SLR, which alone with the name Thunderstruck answers all questions about the expected volume …

Suspension for McLaren Mercedes SLR

The original McLaren Mercedes SLR suspension unfortunately does not convince lateral dynamic by a very restless rear. Here many SLR owners came up with the desire for a modern, adjustable suspension, which also looks good on the racetrack. The chassis specialist KW has developed in cooperation for the McLaren Mercedes SLR a corresponding high-end coilover suspension with adjustable compression and rebound and thus enables a contemporary handling of the car.

Performance upgrade for McLaren Mercedes SLR

McLaren Mercedes SLR tuning up to 700 hp

At Wheelsandmore you’re in the best hands looking for a performance upgrade for the SLR Mercedes McLaren . The SLR V8 supercharged engine offers a lot of potential to simplify the process by adapting the maps and more powerful air filters, as well as in a further stage by optimizing the compressor ratio for up to 700hp and 910Nm with the SLR 722 and SLR 722S.

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