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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes AMG GT  / GTS / GTC / GTR

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Mercedes AMG GT C190 Tuning – more power, tremendous exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 and 21 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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Since 2015, the successor to the legendary and now highly traded Mercedes SLS AMG has been at the forefront of the Mercedes AMG portfolio and is battling for the favor of sport pilots with performances between 462 hp and 585 hp in various designs. Wheelsandmore was so enthusiastic about the optical appearance of the 2-seater that the tuner consistently geared its tuning program to optical and performance-enhancing products. As in all models the 4.0l biturbo engine type M177 DE40 AL was installed, the tuning company found the best conditions tp provide ecu tunes and power increasements for the AMGT GT C190. In terms of perfect fitting, multi-part forged wheels sizing 20 and 21 inches with TUV approval the noble tuner has always been a firstclass adress worldwide and therefore also offers rims for the Mercedes AMG GT / GTS / GTC and the Mercedes AMG GTR.

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Mercedes AMG GT rims

The choice of perfectly fitting rims is always a decisive feature in the field of Mercedes AMG GT tuning. Wheelsandmore also produces timelessly beautiful and perfectly fitting aluminum rims in 20 and 21 inches for the Mercedes AMG GT series. By the multi-part construction and due to our many years of experience in the field of Mercedes AMG tuning we know exactly what dimensions needs to be constructed for which vehicle with installed steel or ceramic brake system. The Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GT wheels are exclusively finalized by hand and specifically according to the exact wishes of the customer regarding the color and surface. As a result the Wheelsandmore wheels for your Mercedes AMG GT C190 are always valuable and high-quality individual pieces that make an exceptional vehicle like an AMG GT Mercedes an inimitable eye-catcher. The best forged rims Made in Germany for the best Affalterbacher AMG GT sports cars and of course with approval by the TUV!

Exhaust system for Mercedes AMG GT

Nothing is so important in deciding on a powerful sports car like the AMG GT models as the sound of the built-in exhaust system. Wheelsandmore has been the worldwide renowned professional for many years when it comes to the ideal exhaust system for Mercedes AMG GT. Especially when tuning through a sound-optimized exhaust system, it requires appropriate know-how to realize the perfect sound, which should not be too directly present and where there is the opportunity to move the sports car even inconspicuously discreet. With our remote-controlled flap control we achieve the unmistakable Wheelsandmore sound for Mercedes AMG GT like no other exhaust manufacturer. All hand polished damper exhausts from Wheelsandmore are made to order either from finest 1.4828 stainless steel or ultralight Inconel 625 and are already visually of the highest quality. A soundfile of our stainless steel exhaust system can be found in the exhaust system for Mercedes AMG GT

Lowering with coilover suspension or springs for Mercedes AMG GT

Specially for the Mercedes AMG GT C190 models we offer suitable suspension solutions for every requirement and purpose. With the exclusive Wheelsandmore coil springs you have the opportunity to maintain the original AMG suspension as much as possible, but to adjust the vehicle level with millimeter precision. In the case of the coilover suspension for the Mercedes AMG GT, the chassis, in addition to the separately adjustable rebound and rebound damping, offers the best conditions to perfectly present a modified wheel / tire combination. With a Wheelsandmore coilover suspension you are always in first place with the Mercedes AMG GT even on the race tracks of this world. In order to be able to respond easily and safely to road damage or impassability in everyday life with a coilover suspension in a Mercedes AMG GT, we optionally offer a hydraulic lift-up for the front axle. Thus, possible damage to the vehicle due to too low chassis attitude are largely avoidable.

Mercedes AMG GT power upgrades

Mercedes AMG GT tuning with up to 680 hp

At Wheelsandmore you have the choice of the performance enhancement of your Mercedes AMG GT 4.0 bi-turbo . Either we adapt the maps of your Mercedes AMG GT C190 on a state-of-the-art test bench by software optimization (also known as chip tuning) or we install our plug-and-play additional control unit Tec-Tronic to increase the performance of the engine power of the Mercedes AMG GT. Of course, our years of experience help us find the perfect match and thus offer you maximum driving pleasure. Please note that due to the installation position of the engine the installation of the additional control unit must be carried out by a specialist workshop or directly by Wheelsandmore with the appropriate special tool.

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Preisliste-Tuning MERCEDES AMG GT / GTC / GTR Download