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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes E-CLASS

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Mercedes E63 AMG W213 Tuning – power upgrade, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 and 21 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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With the new E-Class W213 Mercedes Benz and also AMG set new standards in the premium segment once again also with the E43 AMG and E63 AMG and E63 S AMG models and offer E-Class models with engine performances up to 612hp in the E63 S AMG. What began in 2002 with the installation of the supercharged 5.5l engine M113 from the E500 in the E55 AMG has been steadily developed and found in 2006 with the naturally aspirated 6.3 engine also its fanbase and the solid place as E63 AMG, both in the sedan, as well as the station wagon variant. Wheelsandmore has been offering optimized performance upgrades for the E63 AMG since the W211 series and also for the W212 AMG with forged multi-piece rims, valve flap exhaust systems, downpipes and suspension optimizations. For the current W213 E63 AMG the tuner offers increases in performance up to 700hp by additional control units including unlock of the V-Max lock. Alternatively the tuner optimizes the engine performance by appropriate software optimization (= chiptuning) on ​​the in-house dyno.

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Mercedes E43 AMG and E63 AMG wheels

The choice of perfectly fitting rims is always a key feature in the field of Mercedes E63AMG tuning. Wheelsandmore also produces timelessly beautiful as well as state-of-the-art concave and perfectly fitting forged alloy rims in 20 and 21 inches for the Mercedes E63 AMG . Due to the multi-part design and based on our many years of experience we know exactly what dimensions need to be constructed for which AMG variant (station wagon or sedan, Coupe or E43 AMG) even if the car has got standard or carbon cermaic brakes. The Wheelsandmore Mercedes E 63 AMG rims are exclusively finalized by hand and specifically according to the exact wishes of the customer regarding the color and surface. This makes the Wheelsandmore rims for your Mercedes E63 AMG always valuable and high-quality one-offs that make a sporty family car like an AMG E63 or E43 AMG Mercedes an unmistakable eye-catcher. The best forged rims from Germany for the best Affalterbacher sports cars and of course only with approval by the German TUV!

Exhaust system for Mercedes E43 AMG and E63 AMG

Nothing is so crucial to the subjective perception of a powerful vehicle like the E63 and E63 models from AMG as the sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore has been an absolute pro for many years when it comes to the ideal exhaust system for the Mercedes E43 / E63 AMG . Especially when tuning through an exhaust system it requires appropriate know-how to achieve the perfect sound, which should not be too noticeable and where there is the possibility to move the vehicle even subtly. Thanks to a remote-controllable flap control incl. Backpressure monitoring, we achieve the unmistakable Wheelsandmore sound for Mercedes E43 AMG and E63 AMG like no other manufacturer. The hand-polished damper exhaust systems from Wheelsandmore are all made to order from the finest 1.4828 stainless steel and are already visually of the very highest quality. With the appropriate EC approval, you move your vehicle with a Wheelsandmore exhaust system safely and permissibly through traffic. A soundfile of our exhaust system can be found in the Exhaust system for Mercedes E63AMG

Suspension lowering for Mercedes E63 AMG

The original E-Class air suspension allows a lowering at the moment only by adjustable lowering coupling bars, since the electronic encryption of the chassis CAN-BUS could´nt be overcome yet by no manufacturer. With the infinitely adjustable lowering solution from Wheelsandmore we are able to provide moderate lowering rates of 10-50mm for the AMG E-Class air suspension.

Mercedes E43 AMG / E63 AMG performance upgrade

Mercedes E63 AMG tuning with up to 700 hp

At Wheelsandmore you have the choice of the performance enhancement of your Mercedes E43 and E63AMG . Either we adapt the maps of your Mercedes W213 AMG on a state-of-the-art test bench by software optimization (also known as chiptuning) or install the easy-to-install Tec-Tronic plug-and-play additional control unit to increase the power output of the Mercedes E63 AMG from Wheelsandmore. Our years of experience help us to locate the right screws and thus to offer you the maximum driving pleasure. The v-max lock is unlocked with both methods.

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