wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes E63 AMG


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wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes E63 AMG

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Mercedes W212 E63 AMG Tuning – more power, extraordinary exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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When Mercedes Benz presented the new E-Class in 2009 with the W212 series the German manufacturer Wheelsandmore set new standards in this segment as usual. Of course the E63 AMG models of the first generation were also back in focus a short time later and with the sound-powerful M156 6,3l naturally aspirated engine they immediately became a feast for the ears. As a basis for opulent performance upgrades the successor AMG engine with 5.5l displacement and bi-turbocharging, which was built from 2011 with 525 and 557hp and later as the AMG S version with 585hp, this engine was much better to gain heavy power upgrades and so grew the number of tuners alternately with new performance records for E63 AMG in Germany steadily. With almost 20 years of experience Wheelsandmore is a tuner for Mercedes AMG engines and almost a veteran in the business. For the E63AMG and the E63 S AMG from the W212 series the tuning professional offers performance upgrades up to 792HP, TUV-approved exhaust systems and handcrafted 20-inch rims with classic drop-center and also with concave designs.

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Mercedes E63 AMG (W212) rims

Finding the perfectly fitting rims for the wide axles of the E63 AMG models, which finish with millimeter precision to the bodywork without additional work, was a big industry topic right from the start. The big steel brake systems often did not allow the usual one-piece rims and only manufacturers of three-piece rims like Wheelsandmore were and are able to make the perfect wheel for the E63 AMG. Due to the multi-part structure and the many years of experience in the field of Mercedes E-Class AMG tuning, we know of course exactly which offsets and rims dimensions needs to be manufactured. The Wheelsandmore Mercedes E 63 AMG wheels are manufactured exclusively by hand and according to the exact wishes of the customer regarding the color and surface. As a result, the Wheelsandmore 20-inch forged wheels for your Mercedes E63 AMG W212 are always unique pieces that make a luxury car like an E63 AMG Mercedes a special one-off. The best multipiece rims Made in Germany for the best Affalterbacher AMG sport cars and of course only with the appropriate approval by TUV Austria!

Exhaust system for Mercedes E63 AMG W212

Nothing is so important to the subjective perception of a powerful V8 engine like the E63 AMG as the brutal sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore has been the European-wide professional for 2 decades when it comes to the idelae Exhaust System for Mercedes E63 AMG W212 . Especially when tuning through a throughput optimized exhaust system it requires appropriate knowledge to realize the desired sound, which should not be too present and where in addition there is the possibility to move the E-Class W212 also inconspicuously through the landscape. With a remote-controlled flap control, we reach the unmistakable Wheelsandmore Sound for Mercedes E63 AMG at the touch of a button like no other supplier. All of Wheelsandmore’s highly polished damper exhaust systems are made from the finest 1.4828 stainless steel and are made to order and are already visually of the highest quality.

Suspension lowering setup for Mercedes E63 AMG W212 and E500

Especially for the Mercedes E 63 AMG W212, we offer the perfect solution for lowering the original suspension, consisting of height-adjustable lowering springs for the front axle and adjustable coupling bars for the rear axle. For the E-Class E 500 W212 classic lowering springs from H&R are used.

Performance upgrades for Mercedes E63 AMG W212

Mercedes E63 AMG tuning with up to 792 hp

At Wheelsandmore you have the choice of the most suitable method for your performance enhancement of the Mercedes E63 AMG . Either we adapt the maps of your Mercedes E-Class AMG on a state-of-the-art dynamometer by software optimization or we install our plug-and-play additional control unit Tec-Tronic to increase the performance of the engine power of the Mercedes E63 AMG up to 676hp. In addition, Wheelsandmore offers with the final tuning stage 4, called Big-Bang, a comprehensive tuning package, consisting of hardware and software for an engine tuning up to 792hp. Among other things larger turbochargers and downpipes with sport catalysts are installed at the Mercedes E 63 AMG. Our experience helps us to find the perfect match and thus to offer you the maximum driving pleasure with your E63 AMG.

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