wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes GLE




wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes GLE

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Mercedes GLE63 AMG Tuning – more power, earthquaking exhaust sound and perfect fitting 22 inch forged and 23 inch cast wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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What BMW has successfully demonstrated with the X6 Coupe was copied by the Stuttgart carmaker as well and so Mercedes took the opportunity to advertise also a sporty SUV in the premium segment. As a successor of the popular ML W163 and W164, the GLE is available as a sporty coupe and as a traditional urban SUV. The new name GLE carries the former ML only since 2015. Wheelsandmore manufactures for the GLE C292 since the introduction of the ML W164 perfect sounding exhaust systems with flap control, stately 22 inch rims and corresponding performance increases up to 792 hp.

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Mercedes GLE63 AMG wheels

A large vehicle like the Mercedes GLE needs even larger rims to stand out from the mass of SUV vehicles crucially. As Mercedes offers optional 21 and 22 inch rims for the GLE63 AMG, tuners like Wheelsandmore often expect the next size in 23 or 24 inches. In the European tire market no or barely approved tires were available for these rim sizes. That’s why the AMG tuner Wheelsandmore has initially focused on the maximum sizes in 10×22 and 12.5×22 for the GLE Coupe. From 2019 the refiner will also be holding the sporty elegant wheel model “inigma” in 10.5×23 and 12×23 for the GLE due to the new Continental tires in 23 inch. Thus, Wheelsandmore offers for every requirement, whether in 22 or 23 inches, the perfect rim sizes for the Mercedes GLE C292 including Tuv approval.

Exhaust system for Mercedes GLE63 AMG

Nothing is so crucial to the overall perception of a powerful V8 engine like the GLE63 AMG or the GLE500 as the befitting sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore has been a sought-after professional for decades when it comes to the ideal flap exhaust system for Mercedes GLE63 AMG . Especially the tuning with a throughput optimized exhaust system requires appropriate expertise, so that the desired sound can be realized, but which should not be permanently too much presence and where there is the possibility to move the GLE AMG also inconspicuous through the country. With the back pressure monitoring, remote-controllable flap control we reach the unmistakable sound of the exhaust system for Mercedes GLE63 AMG by the press of a button. All Mercedes flap exhaust systems from Wheelsandmore are made of the finest 1.4828 stainless steel and only on order and already bear witness to the very highest quality. With the appropriate ECE approval you move your vehicle with a Wheelsandmore exhaust system safely and permissibly through traffic. A soundfile of our exhaust system can be found in the Exhaust system for Mercedes GLE63 AMG

Suspension lowering for Mercedes GLE63 AMG

The original Mercedes GLE air suspension is lowered at Wheelsandmore by a freely adjustable electronic module LowMaXX, which is easily installed due a plug-and-play adaptor into the control circuit of the chassis control unit. The original settings are fully preserved when lowering the Mercedes Benz GLE C292. Luxury, comfort and sportiness for your AMG SUV Made in Germany by Wheelsandmore.

Performance upgrade for Mercedes GLE63 AMG and GLE43 AMG

Mercedes GLE63 AMG tuning with up to 792 hp

At Wheelsandmore you have the choice of the most suitable method for increasing the performance of the Mercedes GLE63 AMG / GLE43 AMG . Either we adapt the maps of your Mercedes GLE AMG on a state-of-the-art dynamometer by chip tuning or we install our Tec-Tronic plug-and-play additional control unit to increase the performance of the engine power of the Mercedes GLE63 AMG up to 658hp or up to 435hp in the GLE43 AMG. In addition, Wheelsandmore offers with the last tuning stage 4, called Big-Bang, a comprehensive tuning package, consisting of hardware and software, for an engine tuning up to 792PS. In this case, larger turbochargers, a flap exhaust system and 100 cells sport catalytic converters with downpipes for the Mercedes GLE 63 AMG are installed. Our experience helps us find the perfect match to give you the maximum driving pleasure with your GLE63 AMG SUV.

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