wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes SL AMG




wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes SL AMG

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Mercedes SL63 / SL65 AMG Tuning – more power, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 and 21 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

Tuning picture gallery Mercedes SL AMG

From the blockbuster to the storekeeper – this is how you might describe the current situation around the Mercedes SL R231 most succinctly, since with the AMG GTC and the AMG GTS Roadster more modern AMG counterparts became an in-house competition. A Mercedes SL63 AMG is still an expression of sportiness and elegance and just right for the dignified ride on the weekend. Wheelsandmore has been working on tuning the SL AMG since the R230 series and offers the perfectly fitting rims in 9.5 + 11.0×20 inches or 10.0×20 and 12.0×20 inches from the SL63 AMG or even an SL65 AMG to create an unmistakable eye-catcher. Of course the tuning portfolio of the tuner also includes valve flap controlled exhaust system, lowering modules and performance increases by tuning boxes or chip tuning up to 792hp.

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Mercedes SL 63 AMG rims

Wheels are always the key feature for tuning a Mercedes SL AMG. Especially in the selection of the perfect rims for a Mercedes SL separates the chaff from the wheat quickly, as just cheap mass-produced optically immediately shows deficits and a high-quality vehicle like a SL quickly “cheap tuned” appear. Tuner and wheels manufacturer Wheelsandmore also crafts various wheel designs for the Mercedes SL from timelessly beautiful over modern concave to classic deep rim look but always perfectly fitting in 20 and 21 inches for the AMG performance models. The Mercedes AMG SL rims are color-coded to the customer’s request in every imaginable color and in different surfaces, eg. also finalized in carbonlook. Thus, all three-piece wheels for your Mercedes SL 63 or SL 65 AMG are always valuable and high-quality unique pieces that make such an elegant roadster a distinctive eye-catcher. Stylish rims from Wheelsandmore with TUV approval for the best Mercedes AMG luxury vehicles of all time!

Exhaust system for Mercedes SL 63 AMG

Nothing characterizes the character of a powerful roadster as decisively as the sound of the exhaust system. For many years Wheelsandmore has been one of the sought after tuners from Germany when it comes to the absolutely perfect exhaust system for the Mercedes SL63 AMG or SL65 AMG . Particularly when tuning through a flow-optimized exhaust system, it requires appropriate experience to implement the perfect V8 sound, which should be switchable from dull, bubbly to discreetly sporty. By means of a remote-controlled flap control we reach the irresistible Wheelsandmore sound for the Mercedes SL63AMG . All exhaust systems are made of the finest 1.4828 stainless steel by hand and can be connected to the original exhaust system of the SL63 AMG without any elaborate welding or cutting work. For special requirements, we also offer downpipes with and without sports catalysts. A soundfile of our exhaust system can be found in the Exhaust system for Mercedes SL63AMG

Suspension lowering for Mercedes SL63 AMG

The original Mercedes SL R231 air suspension is lowered at Wheelsandmore by an individually adjustable electronic module, which is easily plugged into the control circuit by using a plug-and-play adaptor. All standard settings remain fully in the lowering of the Mercedes Benz SL Roadtser R231. Comfort and sportiness for your AMG Made in Germany by Wheelsandmore.

Performance upgrade for Mercedes SL63 AMG

Mercedes SL63 AMG tuning up to over 790 hp

At Wheelsandmore Tuning you have the choice of the most suitable method for the performance enhancement of the Mercedes SL63 AMG / SL65 AMG . Either the corresponding maps of your Mercedes SL R231 AMG are adjusted by chip tuning or we install our plug-and-play Tec-Tronic additional control unit to increase the performance of the Mercedes SL63 AMG up to 676 hp or up to 755 hp in the Mercedes SL65 AMG Roadster. In addition, Wheelsandmore’s latest Tuning Stage 4, called Big-Bang, offers an extensive tuning package consisting of hardware and software for the 5.5l AMG bi-turbo engine for up to 792hp. In this case stronger turbochargers, an exhaust system and 100/200 cell sports catalytic converters with downpipes for the Mercedes SL63 AMG are installed. Our experience helps us to find the perfect match and thus to offer you the maximum driving pleasure with your Mercedes SL63 AMG.

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Preisliste-Tuning MERCEDES SL AMG Download