wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes SLS AMG



POWER UPGRADE up to 750hp for Mercedes SLS AMG

wheels, exhaust and power upgrades for Mercedes SLS AMG

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Mercedes SLS AMG Tuning – additional power, impressive exhaust sound and perfect fitting 20 and 21 inch forged wheels from Wheelsandmore Germany

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AMG’s first own vehicle was the SLS AMG Type 197, which immediately became a modern legend with extreme added value. In just 5 years AMG sold about 13,000 units from the SLS and offered both the Gullwing Coupe and the beautiful SLS AMG Roadster with outputs between 571 – 631 hp. Tuning specialist Wheelsandmore laid hand on the 2-seater shortly after the release and developed an exclusive tuning program for the Mercedes SLS AMG. As a manufacturer of multi-piece forged wheels, Wheelsandmore was one of those specialist companies that could and has been able to offer perfect fitting rims in both 20 and 21 inches with TUV approval for the SLS AMG. In addition the noble tuner developed a flap-controlled exhaust system with TUV parts certificate, which provides the perfect and real sound of the 6,3l AMG engine and completed the portfolio with performance improvements by engine compressor conversion to 750 hp.

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Mercedes SLS AMG rims

Wheels have always been the ultimate feature for the exclusive tuning of a Mercedes SLS AMG. Especially when choosing the perfect rims, the customer should be able to rely on the expertise of a wheel manufacturer and tuner such as Wheelsandmore to obtain a truly unique vehicle in the overall result, which has an unrestricted and legal TUV approval. At the same time the manufactory knows exactly which offsets need to be made, regardless of whether a steel or carbon ceramic brake system has been installed or if the customer wants a special type of tire. Tuner and rim manufacturer Wheelsandmore also offers forged rims for the Mercedes SLS from timelessly elegant to modern concave, right up to the rim with a classic drop-down bed in 20 and 21 inches also for the AMG SLS models. Our Mercedes AMG SLS wheels are color-coded to the customer’s request in any color and surface and can be finalized also layered in carbonlook. In the end all Wheelsandmore rims for your Mercedes SLS AMG will always be valuable and high-quality unique pieces, that will transform such a classic into an unmistakable eye-catching masterpiece. Stylish high quality rims from Wheelsandmore in Germany with TUV approval for the best Mercedes AMG luxury vehicles of all time!

Exhaust system for Mercedes SLS AMG

The character and thus the perception of a powerful sports car is decisively influenced by the sound of the exhaust system. Wheelsandmore has been manufacturing the perfect exhaust system for the Mercedes SLS AMG since 2009. Just the tuning through a flow-optimized exhaust system should not be done by learning by doing and in the worst case by reworking the original exhaust system. As in all areas, it requires appropriate experience to implement the perfect V8 sound, which should be switchable from dull, bubbly to discreetly sporty. Through a remote-controlled flap control, which also ensures optimal performance by means of dynamic pressure monitoring, we achieve the irresistible Wheelsandmore sound for the Mercedes SLS AMG . The hand-made exhaust systems are made to order from the finest 1.4828 stainless steel and can be connected to the original exhaust system of the SLS AMG without any additional work such as welding or cutting. A soundfile of our exhaust system can be found in the Exhaust systems for Mercedes SLS AMG

Suspension lowering with coilover kit or adjustable springs for Mercedes SLS AMG

For the Mercedes SLS AMG we offer the appropriate suspension for every requirement and purpose. With the adjustable springs available at Wheelsandmore you have the option of maintaining the original SLS AMG suspension as far as possible while only adjusting the vehicle´s height exactly. In the case of the coilover suspension for the Mercedes SLS AMG, the suspension, in addition to a separately adjustable compression and rebound damping, provides the ideal conditions for perfectly setting the scene for a modified wheel / tire combination. With a Wheelsandmore coilover kit the Mercedes SLS AMG puts you in first place on race tracks all over the world. In order not to jeopardize the practicality of the Mercedes SLS AMG, we offer KW a coilover suspension with hydraulic lift-up for both axles.

Performance increase for Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG tuning to 750 hp

At Wheelsandmore we offer the owner of a Mercedes SLS AMG a total of 4 different ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. In stage 1 we optimize the maps by classic chip tuning and achieve combined with an F1 air filter 610hp. Stage 2 combines these measures with 100 cell sports catalysts and generates a final 635hp. If these measures are combined with a compressor kit and a flap exhaust system as offered in Stage 3, we even achieve 680hp in the performance enhancement of the Mercedes SLS AMG. The coronation follows in stage 4 with the replacement of optimized exhaust manifolds, which in total then leads to an increase in performance on final 750hp and 830nm.

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